Blog Entry: Aside from the usual load of scammers removed I need to publish a health warning about a removed member MRBUSHHUNTER. Age 46. Vancouver. Canada. In his profile he was advertising for young ladies aged 18 to 25 to live with him or marry. I was concerned yesterday about his behaviour on the site so deleted him.  He attempted to rejoin as  Randalltilfordcline or as his email address says Male 48 years old hickory, North Carolina United States. A search around gives this profile, using his AYA picture. mrbushhunter Basic Info: 22, Male, New Westminster, Canada Last Active: 12 hours ago Profile Views: 4791 times Here is Mr Randall Cook. [quote] Hi all i'm Randall i looking for a young women from 18 to 25 to come live with me as my live in or marry me reward will be give [/quote] THIS MAGGOT PREYS ON YOUNG WOMEN. I am forwarding this information to FBI  and  relevant abuse  websites. and  it includes this site, have an active anti-abuse policy which is rigidly enforced.