Title: I Love New York Day !
Description: CLICKLCICKCLICK ^^^ YOYOYO :D. WHO Anyone ! Everyone ! WHAT Wear the classic I Love New York T-Shirt on this day. In the color of your choice. WHEN June 6, 2008 WHERE Anywhere ! Everywhere ! WHY For fun :). Let's all revitalize New York ! Make a statement about New York City and about yourself with your attendance ! This event is gonna be EPIC !~ SPREAD THE WORD. EDIT We should love New York EVERYDAY, of course. But this is all just for the fun of it :) ! ** If you have a Facebook account, PLSSSS click and attend. Alsooo, please help spread the word so that there will actually BE such an event !~ Invite all your friends :) ! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS <3 !