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POSTED BY: ROYAL on 05/08/2008 04:04:41

my philososphy was very simple. i figured as long as i don't do others wrong and i do what ever it is that make me happy thats all life should be like. fuck what poeple say or think of me. i just do me they need to get a grip on their own life situation n stay out of mine. that come from me living in a town where viet should be news anchors the way they gossip. but now after my father pass away not too long ago. when i put that white ban around my head to pray for him in the temple. i felt as if i've let him down. of all the years that he was alive i was never able to thank him for anything. whats worst is i started to question myself. am i right or am i just being selfish? my father was a man that live for the happiness of others. n now i feel as if i only been living for myself. however in my mind family goes first amongs all ealse. im many things but im a mama's boy first. still why do i feel like for the last twenty something odd years that i have live i've been wrong? i don't treat my family wrong. i don't treat my freinds bad. im also very polite to those i don't know unless they piss me off. so y? y do i feel like all this time i was just being selfish?

does anyone understand? or is it just depression? its not likely i've always been happy...well as happy as i can be..

ima stop b4 i ramble, if anyone do decide to read this. thnk you for reading

going home!!!

POSTED BY: vnlilman on 05/08/2008 06:18:42

There'll be sunshine after the rain.. We all have days like this.
You seem like a pretty level headed cat, just know your dad's already proud of you for it.

Others like to put their best foot forward. I myself like to lay it all out. I have nothing to be ashamed of
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POSTED BY: NoSars4Me on 05/08/2008 11:30:46

Personally, I don't think it's depression. I think it's one of the moments where when we lose a loved one that we start to question what the meaning of life is. Life to a certain extend is simple. We make choices. Those choices however can impact our lives forever.

Of course, we can look back and say that we regret on our decisions, but it's the past. We can't change the past. However, we can make a better future. Also, the thing about happiness is that it's never constant. To put it in another way, how can we feel happiness if we are never sad? Vice versa.

What I am saying is that do things that you think is right. It's all about priorities. Happiness is a key factor. If choosing your happiness is at the expense of others, would you do it? We all wish that we can live in a world of utopia, but that is not the case. I don't think your selfish. I think that you were just living your life. It is a good philosophy to not think of what others think of you, but that becomes a problem when it comes to the people that you love.

Give yourself some time. I think that is best.

Just Do It!
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