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POSTED BY: ROYAL on 06/27/2008 08:09:14

researchers beleived that global warming may not be cause by co2. but by the sun itself. solar activity and cosmic rays dictate how hot or cold our solar system is. not just the earth. even mars has been warming causing the frozen water on it to melt. n there is no pollution there at all. so if this is true how come not a lot of news paper or new reporters like those on cnn covering this? this is just my opinion...have u seen how much a hybrid car cost? thats y. there is so much money to be made of global warming. as of right now no one can say that this information is really correct. all im saying is there should be more coverage and funding into this research. cuz if its true then its a load off everyone's mind

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POSTED BY: ROYAL on 06/27/2008 11:09:08

o1bebe_grlx wrote:

I didn't think it'd take a genius to tell you that. Lol.

this is what i mean when i said u always being mean to me...ur lucky ur cute or i'd cuz u out haha. no but i bring this up because im just amaze no mainstream media even pick on it at all. i been knowing this for a long time...i just post it cuz i feel like there is not much going on in this topic area

going home!!!
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POSTED BY: wendailyumcha on 09/01/2009 11:58:53

Doesn't the layer of ozone regulate how much sunlight or "cosmic rays" penetrates the Earth's atmosphere?

CO2 is causing it to thin...unless I'm badly mistaken

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POSTED BY: jaybb on 09/08/2009 22:12:52

Much of the debate about global warming is based on illusionary correlation--The phenomenon of seeing the relationship one expects in a set of data even when no such relationship exists. But fear not, Al Gore, the top climatogist in the world will save us.

I'm forever yours (kaikai)...faithfully
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