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POSTED BY: Rizzick on 09/04/2008 03:06:01

It seems that blockbuster and netflix have a new competitor. you think the redbox will revolutionize the rental of DVD's? or any DVD kiosk machine? they are like everywhere O.o!!! Mc D's, Walmarts, Albertsons. Even the truck stops have those machines. i give it about 5 more years and i bet everywhere you go you'll see these machines.

RicK StaR

POSTED BY: xsimplistikaznx on 02/11/2009 13:28:48

i agree with you on that man!!  love Redbox ahah.  crap about it is, 3 movies per night per card.  how whack is that?!  reason why? well cheap and not a lot of work like signing up with Netflix and Blockbuster (expensive places).  that why if you notice barely any people at Blockbuster.  i hardly know anyone who uses Netflix, although myself.  i mean it is alright, but wish would ship them faster in the mail.  seriously a new batch of DVDS take a week to ship wtf?!?!  also, Netflix trying to get gamers into it ahah like using XBOX360 rentals, interesting haah.  next thing you know, Redbox might allow renting games too down the road LMAO.

2k13 mang
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POSTED BY: cxlin001 on 03/31/2011 19:10:25

All I know is that RedBox has put all the Movie rental businesses in my town out of business.

xsimplistikaznx wrote:

next thing you know, Redbox might allow renting games too down the road LMAO.

I wonder how big that RedBox can hold LOL

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POSTED BY: ExoticHmongFruit on 05/21/2011 07:25:49

LOVE redbox =]

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