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POSTED BY: QuikJ on 08/04/2009 19:46:36

Referring to a blog i'm about to post.. this is open discussion

I usually don't blog so much because I'm either working or working. But as my taxes raise, cronies lose their jobs, beer prices rising, i sit and wonder "what the hell is going on."

Democrat, I am... conservative at that. However
Vice President Joe Biden recently conceded, "We misread how bad the economy was" in January. Obama modified that by suggesting the White House had "incomplete" information.

Remember the mantra, BUSH LIED!! Isn't this the same thing? Where is the outrage?

Come on Obamagasm lovers.... i dont get that warm fuzzy feeling from him anymore? Does he still tickle you between the legs with his smooth words?

Remember the outrage when Bush had a budget deficit of 455 billion? Obama is going to have a deficit of 2 trillion this year. Where is the outrage?

Troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Where is the outrage?

Unemployment is going to reach double DIGITS. Where is the outrage?

When the unwanted Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, your taxes are going to go up, those taxes were not just for "rich" people, they were for everyone. Obama will say that he did not raise taxes, cuts expired. Those $13 extra dollars you get every check now? Gone. Child credits, reduced. Your employers taxable income, decreased. Your job, like a lottery ticket.

Fellow administrator

POSTED BY: jaybb on 09/08/2009 21:34:22

Haha, I remember all the posts I had with TheFuryofMikeHawk about Obama and how it was the same deal, just a different name/package. When will we ever learn--politicians are never to be trusted. I could rant on and on about the two party system but I'll save it

I'm forever yours (kaikai)...faithfully
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