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POSTED BY: wendailyumcha on 09/02/2009 08:55:35

What do you do everyday to keep fit and toned and slim enough to fit into your clothes (and underwear if you wear it)?

Me, well my holy grail body is Ajoo (not a Jew...yes, jokes can be made...) t=0
 I do:
#ONE. 200 crunches
#TWO. 4kg weights, 30 each arm, 4 sets a day
#THREE. jump-rope for 10 minutes
#FOUR. something similar to jumping jacks (squat down with 2 legs together and jump out in a V...continuously...hurts after 20)
#FIVE. cutting up vegetables
#SIX. walking for half an hour

What's your routine meng?

POSTED BY: jaybb on 09/08/2009 22:17:46

Here's my typical routine--

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Back

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Chest

Weekend: off or used for hitting any weak points.

Calves/Abs: thrown in 2x per week. Cardio: not at the moment.

Also, diet is 6 meals/day w/ supplements thrown in for good measure.

It's all about consistency. And Ajoo is how I looked in high school before I decided I wanted to put on more size, lol.

I'm forever yours (kaikai)...faithfully
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POSTED BY: ROYAL on 12/23/2009 13:34:02

eat, sleep, drink, and sleep. im on the lazy ass corperate workout plan. j/k i been too bz  really need to start working out again. its like i can never find the time even though all u need is about 30 mins of the day

going home!!!
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